Emporio, Niche’s in-house newsletter, is a monthly dose on topics related to marketing. In its effort to keep the students updated on the latest happenings in the world of marketing, the Niche team brainstorms on a new theme each month and churns out a masterpiece which is bound to titillate their desire to learn more about marketing. The articles bring out different aspects of the theme and often present counterviews.


Looking Glass – Pan IIM newsletter

We collaborate with the best marketing brains across IIMs to come out with a mega issue annually which offers articles from students, professors and eminent personalities from the industry.

Looking Glass-2010

Niche Chronicles

Chronicles, published twice every week, is an attempt to keep students updated on the current happenings in the world of marketing. It brings to them exciting news articles focussed on marketing from national and international newspapers.

Jargon Demystified

Each issue of Jargon Demystified tries to present a simple yet clear description of a jargon, sometimes with illustrations and examples. Four issues of Jargon Demystified are published every week.

Marketing Anecdote

Marketing Anecdote is an interesting story revolving around a brand. It talks about brand successes, failures, relaunches and withdrawals, and also provides insights into the why behind the what. A brand story is published every week.


Before Emporio, Niche’s online magazines were called Peapod. Today in its new avatar Peapodincludes articles written by alumni in the field of marketing, marketing gurus, faculty and also students of IIMA. Published annually it tries to encompass as many view points as possible from credible sources.


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  1. This particular blog, “Publications Niche-iima”
    demonstrates the fact that u truly know what u are communicating about!
    I really totally agree with your post. Thanks -Faustino

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