Niche assists the student community in preparing for their recruitment interviews, summer internships and final job placements.We conduct REM sessions and provide access to preparatory material. We provide a forum for students to interact with those interns who have worked in marketing companies in their summers. As a part of placement preparation we also offer information on the profiles of the marketing firms that recruit from the campus during the summer and the final placements. The Niche Mentorship programme provides the fachchas a point of contact in the senior batch to guide them over a period of two months with preparation.


Our repository of commercials from the past and the present offers interesting insights on how advertising trends have changed over the years. These advertisements track help to build insights into how the positioning, targeting, communications and promotional strategies changed over the years for different brands and product categories.

International Conference on marketing paradigms for emerging economies

This conference, held biannually, is conducted by the Marketing faculty of IIM A to provide a special forum to present and discuss research in marketing, specifically those related to Emerging Economies and to facilitate sharing research based knowledge among academicians and practitioners on several other areas of Research in Marketing.Niche provides support to the faculty in organising this conference.


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