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Niche & Insight presents Ad-mania 2013

Niche (Marketing Club of IIMA), in coordination with Insight presents to you a marketing event to test your mettle against the brightest in the country. Can you create the next ad campaign which is worth being quoted in Marketing 101? If so, BRACE YOURSELF, INSIGHT 2013 is coming. This event provides you an opportunity to get into the shoes of agencies like Ogilvy & Mather. We have witnessed the evolution of high tech products in the last 3 or 4 decades. The success of whirlwind products like high end smartphones, high definition television sets, etc. have relied heavily on successful creative marketing campaigns. Kindle your creative mind to come up with an advertisement for one of the hypothetical products. For round 1,

  • Teams will be required to submit a promotional video (a maximum of 90 seconds) for any one of these products:
    • Human cloning machine
    • Time machine
    • Human teleportation machine like the one used in Star Trek
  • Teams should also submit a brief 1 page write-up (not more than 250 words) explaining their ad campaign. The report should critique the ad-message delivered, targeted audience and why that segment was chosen, their underlying aspirations for the product, etc. Make sure that the basic idea is conveyed precisely.

To register, fill up the form below 
Insight Ad- Mania registration form

Registrations have already begun and the deadline for submitting Round 1 entries is 23:59:59 hours on 16th September, 2013. Campus round will be held on 28th/29th September, 2013.

For more details about the event, refer the website:


Niche kicks off with quiz event Prarambh


What do good ol’ cattle ranchers of the wild-west and marketing have in common?

This along with many other interesting trivia were answered when Niche – the marketing club of IIM-A organized Prarambh, the first marketing quiz of the season on 24th July 2013. Prarambh has traditionally been the first sector quiz to be conducted in the campus after the start of session and acts as an ice-breaker for all PGP-1s. It is organized exclusively for PGP-1 student and strives to create a lure towards the world of marketing.

Even monsoon could not dampen the enthusiasm as the event saw an overwhelming participation of 100+ students who battled it out in the arena of marketing fundaes, jargons, ads, taglines and much more. The intellectual storm that ensued thereafter was a sight to behold. Round 1 consisted of 20 questions which covered all aspects of marketing. 6 teams were shortlisted after the first round for the finals. Three audience teams also were given a chance to answer the quiz questions of the finals. The finals consisted of 4 legs – Logos, Taglines, Ads and Misc. After the end of two rounds one of the audience teams got a chance to enter the finals as wild card replacing the lowest scoring finals team.

After the final leg, teams comprising Abhinav Gupta, VS Vaidyanathan and Pradeep Krishnakumar emerged as champions; Rohit Sharma, Vivek Baskaran and Chendur Kumaran as 1st runner up and  Minakhi Prasad Misra, Anand R and Dhruva Mukherjee as 2nd runner up. The teams were awarded with prizes worth Rs 18,000.

Prior to the main quiz Niche had released teasers to spur the general interest amongst the PGP-1s. The winners of the teaser phase were Shivendra Yadav and Saurabh Singh.

The main quiz comprised of many interesting marketing trivia covering the origins of Manchester United logo to the IPL bugle call; from Onida tagline to the nostalgic Gold-Spot ad. Questions covering the different era of marketing in the last 200 years made the quiz extremely interesting.

Quizmaster MVR Murthy, member of the club and an enthusiastic quizzer himself, found the level of brand awareness and marketing knowledge quite commendable. He said that the questions in both the prelims and finals were very thoroughly researched and the way teams worked out the answers shows a great potential in the batch to develop impeccable marketing skills.

Niche will continue conducting various events and related to marketing all-round the year. The current market looks favourable for marketing firms as more and more people tend to be inclined towards marketing roles. Aswin, co-ordinator of the club, sees this as a positive development and ensures that the club will support any and all activities to promote marketing as a career option.

For the answer to question posed at the beginning of the article please visit the official Niche Facebook page here.

Niche and Airtel present εμπορία- War Of The Marketers

Tired of reading incessant marketing theory? Fed up of the regular marketing strategy presentations? Want to get hands on experience & apply marketing concepts in the real context? Here is your chance.
Niche- The Marketing Club of IIM Ahmedabad
& Airtel present,
εμπορία- War Of The Marketers … Quest to Find India’s Best Marketing Campus
An online business simulation where teams would assume the role of the marketing department of a new company & would be responsible for the sales performance of the company. Team’s would be put through real life marketing challenges including designing your company’s products, positioning them, pricing strategies and finally the promotions. All this in dynamically changing market scenarios which would depend upon your competitor’s (other teams’) strategy and on the technological progress happening in the market.
So put on your thinking caps and don the role of a marketer as you wade through capacity constraints, declining sales, ambush marketing & price wars in the quest to be crowned as the country’s best marketing talent.
Total Prize Money: Rs. 50,000

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