Niche & Insight presents Ad-mania 2013

Niche (Marketing Club of IIMA), in coordination with Insight presents to you a marketing event to test your mettle against the brightest in the country. Can you create the next ad campaign which is worth being quoted in Marketing 101? If so, BRACE YOURSELF, INSIGHT 2013 is coming. This event provides you an opportunity to get into the shoes of agencies like Ogilvy & Mather. We have witnessed the evolution of high tech products in the last 3 or 4 decades. The success of whirlwind products like high end smartphones, high definition television sets, etc. have relied heavily on successful creative marketing campaigns. Kindle your creative mind to come up with an advertisement for one of the hypothetical products. For round 1,

  • Teams will be required to submit a promotional video (a maximum of 90 seconds) for any one of these products:
    • Human cloning machine
    • Time machine
    • Human teleportation machine like the one used in Star Trek
  • Teams should also submit a brief 1 page write-up (not more than 250 words) explaining their ad campaign. The report should critique the ad-message delivered, targeted audience and why that segment was chosen, their underlying aspirations for the product, etc. Make sure that the basic idea is conveyed precisely.

To register, fill up the form below 
Insight Ad- Mania registration form

Registrations have already begun and the deadline for submitting Round 1 entries is 23:59:59 hours on 16th September, 2013. Campus round will be held on 28th/29th September, 2013.

For more details about the event, refer the website:


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