Tata Nano: Celebrate Awesomeness – Once a people’s car, but now it is for the urban youth!

Ratan Tata once said “A promise is a promise” when he launched Tata Nano in 2008. Initially it was positioned as an affordable family car. Nano was targeted at the bulging two wheeler segment in India. It is a well-known fact that it was for someone who was owning a two-wheeler and looking to buy a car but could not afford it. So, basically, the USP of Nano boiled down to its price. Nano is basically not a luxury car but it was believed that it could fulfil the capacity and aspirations of the middle class, both urban and rural. They all perceive that owning a car is a matter of pride and self-esteem. But, Nano’s portrayed image of owning a cheap car was not appreciated by the masses.

Several campaigns were launched successively which tried to erase the image of Nano as a cheap car. Some of the campaigns that were launched during the period 2010 – 2012 were:

  • Kushiyon ki chaabi:
  • Road to lal tippa:  
  • It’s not the destination, but journey that matters most: 

These campaigns too did not make an impact. In June 2010, 9000 units were sold, 10000 units in April 2011, 5500 units in June 2012 and a meagre 1500 units in Feb 2013.

2013 Celebrate Awesomeness campaign: 

Its latest ad campaign, clearly targets the urban youth. To attract the television audience, this commercial of one and a half minute shows youth admiring the Tata Nano. It displays vibrant and colourful youth hits the rhythm from the beginning of the commercial. The song reflects the happiness and enjoyment with a great meaning, if once someone listens to the song, definitely will end up singing the song and wants to listen to it again. The phrases like Celebrate Youness, Celebrate Kickassness, Celebrate Epicness and Celebrate Magicness are used in this commercial which reflects the behavioral trends of modern youth. Celebrate Awseomeness campaign is definitely expected to be remembered by the viewers for a longer period and thus creating a better impact. This Tata Nano Commercial targets the ‘college going students’ and those who just entered the band of ‘young working professionals’. With a price tag of Rs. 1.5 lakhs, the awesomeness formula should work in favor of Tata Nano and the sales figures should hopefully improve significantly.


3 thoughts on “Tata Nano: Celebrate Awesomeness – Once a people’s car, but now it is for the urban youth!”

  1. Observe is that all the elements presented seemed to be from Mumbai – buildings, trains, theatre, etc. Probably to target people from Mumbai specifically.

    Also the part where Nano magically appears out from a hat (drop of a hat?). Probably to drive home to point that it is a small car, can be parked anywhere. So those shopping or eating out will not have to think too much about parking spaces.

  2. Nice observation, Suket. This recent ad portrays Nano as an ‘Urban Cool car’. Tata seems to be shifting gears way too often. Initially, it was rural and semi-urban market, but now it is a purely urban vehicle.

  3. I think the mistake hppen when the Mumbai Bus driver was shown as driving Nano, Targeted Nano Cusomers may not like to drive the same car as driven by bus drivers……………lets see how much these ads can do damage controlllllllllllllllll

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