Niche and Airtel present εμπορία- War Of The Marketers

Tired of reading incessant marketing theory? Fed up of the regular marketing strategy presentations? Want to get hands on experience & apply marketing concepts in the real context? Here is your chance.
Niche- The Marketing Club of IIM Ahmedabad
& Airtel present,
εμπορία- War Of The Marketers … Quest to Find India’s Best Marketing Campus
An online business simulation where teams would assume the role of the marketing department of a new company & would be responsible for the sales performance of the company. Team’s would be put through real life marketing challenges including designing your company’s products, positioning them, pricing strategies and finally the promotions. All this in dynamically changing market scenarios which would depend upon your competitor’s (other teams’) strategy and on the technological progress happening in the market.
So put on your thinking caps and don the role of a marketer as you wade through capacity constraints, declining sales, ambush marketing & price wars in the quest to be crowned as the country’s best marketing talent.
Total Prize Money: Rs. 50,000

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A Niche initiative


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