Marketing updates- 25/07/2012

Nike’s Ambush Campaign

Nike, famous for being an Olympic ambush marketer (Remember the 1996 Olympics!), is set to test the Olympic rules on ambush marketing, launching a global campaign featuring everyday athletes competing in places around the world named London.

The new ad touts athletes in other towns around the world named London (include East London in South Africa, Little London in Jamaica, London Ohio in the US and a health club called London Gym.). The subtext to the ad is “don’t get all worked up about the Olympics, people” — which Nike isn’t sponsoring!

Nike, not an official sponsor of the IOC or the London 2012 Olympics, have clearly designed their “Find your Greatness” campaign’s to cash in on the Olympic fever and get one over on arch-rival Adidas, which has paid about $60 million for its official status.
Have a peek-

GM’s Cadillac Campaign
General Motors has just launched its new ad campaign for the Cadillac ATS luxury brand during the opening ceremony of the 2012 summer Olympics in London.
The advertisements show the ATS on a cinematic adventure and it explores destinations such as the deserts of Morocco, the streets of Monaco and Patagonia, Chile.
The ATS is crucial to GM’s product line-up as Cadillac’s entry into a competitive market segment currently dominated by BMW and Mercedes.
The Cadillac ATS goes on sale later this year with a base price of $33,990 and a mileage of 33 mpg.
The “ATS vs. the World” trailer –

Coke’s Olympic association
Coca Cola has been associated with the Olympics for 83 years. So it is no surprise to see Coca-Cola sponsoring the 2012 Summer Olympics in London with a huge “Move to the Beat”-themed global campaign created in conjunction with Mother London.
The “Move to the Beat” campaign, which is aimed at the world’s youth, is made up of content that is to be largely distributed via the social media by the target audience.
This tactic falls in line with Coca-Cola’s Content 2020 manifesto which intends to forgo a reliance on traditional advertising and to instead focus on producing content with a storytelling bent that is “liquid and linked.” –  Liquid meaning it can flow through any medium, and linked in that it is in line with the brand’s business objectives.
“Move to the Beat” campaign –


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