“You can judge a man from the shoe he wears” 

In a country of 1.2 billion people and 2.4 billion legs the shoe market is expected to be huge. In fact it is estimated that the shoe market touches around Rs 20,000 crores.  Indian shoe market has always been primarily unorganized, with organized sector holding around 35-40% share.

This was a prime opportunity as well as a huge challenge to enter a highly fragmented market and create a niche for oneself. Aero group with its launch of Woodland shoes in 1992-93 has done precisely the same. Instead of competing in the hard fought formal wear/sports wear segment, they crafted a new segment in India under the premium casual adventure sports wear segment. The TVC’s clearly spoke of the Spirit of adventure and the power of human will. The consumers felt the connect , as premium sturdy shoes with an adventurous tag attached to it  places them on a mantle in the society far apart from the others.

The brand has been consistent with its message and has reaped enormous benefits placing itself comfortably in 350 exclusive stores world wide and presence in over 3000 multi-brand stores. With the success in the shoe sector, Woodland is now aggressively pushing its other merchandizemen’s/women’s apparel, bags, even adventure club memberships. Creating a niche and tying all parts of the business to one strong consistent message is something that woodland teaches us all.

Woodland Commercials:


woodland woodpecker.jpg



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