The Hindu

If you have been watching television for the past few days, chances are that you would have already had had a discussion on the sudden rebirth of the brand “The Hindu”. The Hindu has always evoked respect, a respect of a grand old man full of wisdom. It is one of the very few national dailies left which hasn’t yet glamourized and sensationalized journalism. It has used this very image to launch a series of attacks on the Times of India.

It all started when a young and handsome Times of India took on The Hindu on its own home ground Chennai. TOI appealed to the Chennaites to shun the boring newspaper that puts them to sleep with this ad


Hindu struck back with a barrage of advertisements taking Times of India to the cleaners. They combined their characteristic journalistic wisdom with creativity. Even their tagline “Stay Ahead of the Times” conveys the message effectively with a tinge of sarcasm. Hindu has launched a series of TV and print media campaigns. It remains to be seen whether this attack wouldscathe TOI or would they continue to forge ahead sweeping Hindu aside.




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