Cadbury – a perfect example of the brand evolving with the Indian society

Cadbury is a brand that all of us have literally grown up with. Though it has been immensely successful in its operations in the USA, UK, Australia, etc. from the 1800s, it entered the Indian market only in 1948. Since then, it has used a variety of strategies and a string of ad campaigns to reach out to the Indian consumer.

Initially, Cadbury ads targeted children – they showed a loving father bringing chocolates home for the children as a surprise.  The ads were formulated keeping in mind the Indian society then, where the children didn’t have money with themselves to buy sweets and chocolates. With this, Cadbury was able to capture a substantial part of its target segment – the kids. Next, it launched its famous ad where a teenage girl watches her friend play cricket and jumps into the cricket field, eating a Cadbury chocolate as soon as he hits a century. Another advertisement showed a prospective bride with mehndi on her hands, prying open the wrapping of Cadbury chocolate with her elbows. It showed that teenagers too can enjoy the Cadbury chocolate.

Girl in the cricket field <>

Mehndi <>

Next came the much talked about ad featuring Cyrus Broacha. It showed people from all age groups – a housewife in her 40s, a couple well into their 60s, and a teenager – enjoying the chocolate as Cyrus sang in the background “Khaane walon ko khaane ka bahaana chahiye”. In this way, Cadbury created inroads into all possible age groups.


Post this, Cadbury changed its strategy. Having tapped all age-groups, it wanted to project Cadbury chocolates as a meetha – thereby trying to eat into the market of traditional Indian sweets. Advertisements were doled out showing Cadbury chocolate being enjoyed at every possible instance- before a good task (Shubh kaam ke aarambh se pehle), after dinner (Khaane ke baad meethe mein kya hai), on payday (Khush hai zamaana aaj pehli taariq hai), after passing exams (Pappu pass ho gaya) or while just having a good day (Main khush hun aaj khamakha). Apart from this, Cadbury always comes out with special advertisements before important festivals like Diwali (toh iss Diwali aap kise khush karenge) and Rakshabandhan (Cadbury Celebrations- Pyar ka shagun). Cadbury was projected as the chocolate to eat on important as well as happy occasions.

Kuch meetha ho jaaye <>

Shubh Aarambh <>

Khaane ke baad <>

Khush hai zamana <>

Pappu pass ho gaya <>

Main khush hun <>

Diwali <>

Rakshabandhan <>

It is because of such intelligent and innovative marketing strategies that Cadbury is the most successful chocolate brand in India. Even now it posts a revenue growth of 30% annually, which is amazing.


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