5 Star

5 Star.jpg

5 Star has a special place in the Rs 2,000 crore Indian chocolate market. Chances are that it would have been your favorite chocolate at some point of time. Its unique caramel filling was a welcome break from the usual chocolate bars. Like several other brands, 5 star has also adopted the message of “Getting Lost in the Taste
for the past few years. They have done a commendable job maintaining the consistent message over the years but they are starting to get carried away lately.

Like several Dairy Milk products, 5 star has targeted the adult segment for the past few years. They have gone to the market with the message “Jo Khaye, KhoJaye” [Eat and get lost in the taste] wherein the one who eats 5 star temporarily goes into amnesia after eating 5 star. The idea worked well for them with consistent positioning and messaging.

Then came the two long lost friends, Ramesh and Suresh, who meet in front of a small shop. Then onwards, all the advertising activity of 5 star has revolved around Ramesh and Suresh. Creativity in the advertisements has taken a downfall and an attempt at projecting humor has made the whole brand personality seem idiotic.

Constant usage of these two characters has made them a projection of the brand 5 star and what its lovers appear like. Although they seemed okay in the first few advertisements, in the recent ones they appear idiotic in both looks and behavior.

If these characters portray a 5 star lover, then the brand has landed itself in a bad position. Also, why has the brand forgotten kids?


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